Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Workshop 3

In the third workshop with Richard Sweeney we concentrated on paper folding techniques rather than using scalpels to cut the paper to make slits to join paper together. Here we learnt how to fold one piece of paper with out having to cut the paper at all. 

These 3 image are of how to fold the paper into a geometric triangular wave. I did this by folding the paper into 5 columns, then folded the columns in on them selves to make have just 1 column. I then folded over around 5 inches of the column into a 90 degree angle and then back on its self, this created it triangles in the page. I then pushed the paper in on its self to create the 3D effect. It took me several goes to get this technique right and looks a lot easier than it is to actually create.

This is a sculpture i made influenced by my images taken of a ripple in a pond in my primary research and also again backed up by the image from my secondary research. Here I created a ripple effect using paper by scoring paper on alternative sides to create the folds. I think this sculpture looks very similar to the two photos below.

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