Thursday, 24 March 2011

Paper Sculptors and Artists

I started to research into other Artists and paper Sculptors, to see how they work and their different styles and techniques to see if i can draw an inspiration from their work and styles. I typed into google Paper Artists and came across this website;

On this website it posts who they think are "15 of the World's most creative paper craft Artists". From reading through this website I found out more about the artists, seeing some of their sculptures finding each ones work incredible and very skilled, but also learnt of some of their techniques and materials used to create their sculptures. But I found this artists work the most fascinating;

Ingrid Siliakus

Ingrid Siliakus is a Dutch born paper artist/architect. Most of her sculptures are influenced by architecture. Siliakus was first influenced into this line of sculpture after seeing work by Masahiro Chatani a Japanese Professor who originally helped to create this form of art. Siliakus specialises in paper building architecture and making abstract sculptures. The sculptures of the buildings are created form using one single piece of paper. Siliakus creates these by drawing@D layouts of a single shape onto a single layout paper then keeps adding more and more layers to create her final designs. The paper Siliakus uses arrange of paper types for her 3D model ranging from 160 gram paper to 330 gram.


Cubical i Though was a great example of how it was possible to create a repetitive pattern for for this brief and keep a continuous theme going. I like how the whole structure is made up of right angles creating the cubical illusion. 


Here I like how the whole structure is made up of circular shapes, this again creates the illusion of the sculpture being continuous or repetitive as it looks the same at every side and angle you look at it. 

Reflection on Sagrada Familia

On this sculpture as i thought i could be an interesting take on the continuous and repetitive them as the sculpture of the building looks repeated as it is reflected upside down and seems to merge and continue into each other as one. 

Inner-outer Space

Again i thought this could be seen as an interesting take on the brief as the sculpture folded into a type of 3D book continues onto the next page and repeated its self.

Overzicht 2

Golden Pavilion

 These are two more examples of Ingrid Siliakus's work on architectural paper sculptures. I find her work incredibly skilled and crafted and find it very aesthetically  stunning.

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