Sunday, 6 March 2011

Workshop 1

In the first workshop session with sculptor Richard Sweeney, he began by teaching us techniques used in paper sculpting such as using a scalpel to cut, and score the paper to make bends and folds with out cutting through the paper. This helped me to create unusual cone shaped curves which you can see photographed below from some of the 3D models i made in this work shop. Richard also taught us how to use slits to help join the paper together with out having to use any type of glue.  the task in the first workshop (photographed below) was to keep the same basic elements through out the series of models but in each one you had to change different aspects of it each time for example the amount of folds or the positioning of the slits, or the size and shape of the scorn arch. I found this first paper workshop very insightful and productive.

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