Saturday, 26 March 2011

Final Poster

This is the final out come for my poster design for GF Smith Paper Celebrating their 100 years of trading. I kept my text at 75% opacity for all the text through out. I feel the because of the angle of 3D text it make the eye run down the text pointing the eye towards the bottom right corner where I feel the "Design Museum 1-31 July 2011 sits well in the space between the honey come and the edge of the page. i kept the same size borders all the ways around the posters.

All the ways through the project I have used my research to gain ideas and take influence from. From the natural honey comb replicated in this design to the 3D type used my Wim Crouwel in his SM Designs. I am really pleased with the final outcome of my final poster I feel that the 100 hexagons in the honey comb structure reflects the 100 years of GF Smith Paper with out being to literal. I am really pleased with the photography and lighting skills I have also learnt through out this module. And felt I learnt a lot of new skills into how it is possible to craft paper learning from Richard Sweeney's Workshops.

If I was do change anything in this final design it would be part of the text I am really pleased with the 3D out come I have achieved by feel that because I only drew around the 3D extrude and shadow that on some of the letters to much of the shape of the letter is missing and is hard to make out at time. I would change this by as well as drawing around the 3D extrude and shadow I would also draw around part of the outlines of the letters but not make the stroke to thick so it doesn't wreck the 3D illusion of the text.

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