Friday, 25 March 2011

Creating my second paper Sculpture for Task 2

Taking influence from this image in my secondary research and continuing the theme of using hexagons. My idea for the second sculpture to indicate 100 years of GF Smith Paper was to make a Honey comb structure made up of 100 elements one for every year the company has been in business. I thought this was a good way of indicating the event with out taking the brief to literal. 

I again for drew a hexagon on Adobe Illustrator using the polygon draw tool. But made the size much smaller as my structure was going to have 100 parts to it. 

In this image you can see the first of the 100 hexagons made up to make up my Honey comb. Again like in Task 1 where i made the sphere I made flaps on every side of each hexagon to made it easier to join each flap is 5mm. 

Here you can see how the first row of 3 hexagons fits together I glued each side of the hexagon with PVA glue. 

In the two image about you can see how the honey comb structure is taking shape I started the process by making rows of 5 but realised after 14 rows it was now larger than A2 so I had to make 14 rows of 7 and the 2 end rows either side rows of 8.

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