Monday, 7 March 2011

Workshop 2

In this workshop we were challenged to work with a strip of cart which was 280mm wide and 380mm long. The card had a border of 20mm all the way around. The centre of the card was cut at at 10mm intervals width ways all the way down the card. We then had to fold and scar each one into different shapes and sculptures.

I scared this strip from one corner to the opposite corner and then folded one corner in on its self to make a cone, and then wrapped the other corner around the cone loosely. This formed a shape that looked like a sea shell.

This is the same shape from the opposite angle, and i think this looks like a tulip flower.

These two pictures taken from the inside of the shell reminds me of a spiral stair case, this looks like a shell. This was my favorite sculpture i produced in this work shop.

This one also looks like a sea shell found on beach. I produce this shape by folding the first quarter of the strip of card and folding each 10mm strip in opposite directions to make it corrugate. I then scared down the centre of the card, pinched and folded over the opposite side to create a shell like sculpture.

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