Friday, 25 March 2011

Task 2 Sculpture Final Photographs.

Just like in Task 1 I took my final sculpture to the work shop in up to use the professional equipment available to me. I again used the Nikon D60 camera, Infinity wall background and The professional lighting lamps where i was able to adjust the amount of light by switching off individual bulbs. 

The first 3 photo above are from a zoomed in prospective following the lines and columns of the honey comb structure. I really like these especially when i use the curve of the infinity background to produce a nature curve in my honey come sculpture as it rises up the curve the hexagons are more clear to see I also this this looks very similar to the honey comb image from my secondary research. I do not think these photo would work well in my final poster for GF Smith paper as the 100 parts of the honey comb are not clear so my idea wouldn't be effective in my final design. 

The 3 images above are of the honey comb structure as a whole. Im keen on these as it clear displays my idea behind having 100 hexagons in the honey comb one for each year GF Smith paper have been manufacturing. I feel these would work well as a final composition for my poster. I am particularly keen on the 2nd and 3rd images as they as better photographed i feel as they are more centered in the photo where as in the first image the honey comb runs off the picture. 

In These two image I was just playing around with the composition of the sphere from task 1 sitting on top of the honey comb from task 2 as I thought I could make an interesting final composition. 

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