Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Secondary Research

As well as taking my own pictures of patterns and shapes i found in everyday life i researched on the internet to find images other repetitive and continuous patterns.

The first image I looked at was again of ripples in water, i had taken a primary image of my own as you can see in a previous post but I though this was pronounced of the repetitive and continuous ripples and rings spreading outwards. This would be possible to recreate in a paper sculpture and replicate the ripples of the water.

The Second image I looked at was of waves. This could be taken in many different ways, as it could be replicating sound waves, heat waves, water waves from the ocean. Also this image reminds me of sand dunes or a valley of hills. 

This image of a honey comb came up when i was researching for mathematical shapes and patterns. This gave me many ideas for potential sculptures, as It would fit the brief of repetitive patterns perfectly. 

After finding the image o the honey comb i googles more images of honey combs and this image came up of the national aquatics center in Beijing- China. This is what the interior looks like made up of pentagons and hexagons.

This is the exterior of the National Aquatics Centre in Beijing China. Again showing it made up of showings its made up of unorthodox pentagons and hexagons. This also looks similar to the image I took in my primary research of water on the marble bench.

This is another sculpture made up of pentagons and squares. This looks like it could be a scientific molecule. 

This image came up when i researched into geometric patterns and shapes. This pattern is makes the shape of the star but looks 3D and also looks like a star shaped ripple like in the first image spreading outwards.  

This is an image of a structure made up from a central pentagon surrounded by 5 hexagons, in this cake the hexagons are so divided up into 6 triangles.

This image made me think again of the waves in the second image in this post. And how it would be possible to recreate the waves using paper. To make these sculptures in this image I guess that the artist used a series of slits to lock the pieces of card together. 

This is an image of a molecule made up again of pentagons and hexagons. 

I liked this image how a sphere was made up of a series of 3D stars. This also creates a hexagon in the middle of where 3 stars meet. This could also be considered a continuous  theme. 

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