Sunday, 6 March 2011

Primary Research

Between Workshops I went out to take photographs of my own for my primary research. The focus of my photographs was to capture forms and repetitive forms from around the city of Sheffield. I was looking for repetitive forms so it relates to the project theme of "Repeat". 

The first picture if of the Hubs as it it made up of many rectangles at many different angles to create a round structure. This would be possible to create using paper folding and scoring the paper. 

The Two picture above are of a dress made from nylon representing fertilisation. The Dress is made to representing the male sperm.

This is a photo of water rippling after the falling down from a fountain the waves represent a repetitive form. This can be emulated in paper folding by scoring different sides of the paper in a arch shape. Thsi creates a rippled effect.

The Water gardens in the sheffield city centre is an easily recognisable building. It is also made up of many repetitive arches in stepped stages, it looks almost like it was designed passed on a natural shell found on a beach. This also would be a possible sculpture to make from paper.

The spheres are unique forms and are difficult to construct from flat paper. But made me think if there was any techniques i could use to create a sphere 

These markings on stone flower beds out side the Water gardens are similar to markings found in wood and tree trunks when chopped down. It also similar to ripples on the surface of water like the in the image above.

Here on the Novotel i like how this almost pyramid Esc structure is made in a staggered and stepped way.

"The Cheese Greater" car park has interesting repetitive forms just in random angles and patterns. This could look interesting on a flat sheet of paper and could almost look like a mountain range when lying down on a flat desk or plinth.

Here I just found the random form of water on a marble bench interesting and abstract. This could be recreated randomly scoring shapes into a sheet of card and pushing and folding them into raised mounds rising out from the card.

These sculptures of animals on the Moore high street could be recreated using paper folding techniques using one single piece of card.

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