Friday, 25 March 2011

Task 2 create a 100 year celebration poster for GF Smith Paper.

For Task 2 I have been asked to design a A2 poster celebrating 100 years of GF Smith Paper Company. The poster must contain this information on it:

100 Years of GF Smith Paper
Design Museum
01-31 July 2011

Who is GF Smith Paper Company? and what do they do?

GF Smith Paper are a specialist paper company based in Hull, founded by George Frederick Smith. Gf Smith manufacture a variety of unusual papers stocks for Printing and Graphic Design industries. These paper stocks are used for creating business stationary such as business cards, letterheads and folders. The paper stock has also been used for promotional material such a brochures, booklets and posters. They also create Cards and Packaging. 

GF Smith Advertise themselves by stating;
"wherever there is a need for paper there is a need for GF Smith."

information taken from;

Here are a few images taken from The GF Smith Paper company website.

These first two images above are from the GF Smith mailing scheme where Graphic Designers or Print Companies can sign up to receive new and free samples of GF Smiths new and latest papers. I really like these advertisement designs by GF smith, I love the crisp typography and how the are not worries to run words off the page i also like the metallic printing process the first design has gone through. on the second design i think it is very clever how they have layed up the translucent paper so you can still just about see words through the top layer from the later underneath.

This poster is to advertise there 111 year  celebratory tour  around universities exhibiting their design collaborations. This Poster was designed by SEA an award winning british design company set in in 1997 by designers Bryan Edmondson and John Simpson.

This last image is taken from a GF Smith samples advertisement book , advertising al the different range and samples of papers they produce. 

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